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LCG celebrates Crypto Revival

LCG celebrates Crypto Revival

Based on the latest, very positive development of the various cryptocurrencies and the successful LCG Token ICO, we proudly announce that LCG Energy offers a unique opportunity while investing in highly profitable renewable energy and blockchain projects.

While being in the pre-sale phase and in addition to the current special price of € 0.085 vs ICO price € 0.01 , LCG will evaluate all investments in the respective currency until February 21st ,2020(*) as following:

BTC @ a price of USD 11.500

ETH @ a price of USD 300

Use this opportunity NOW!

FIAT accordingly with a 15 % additional Token allocation based on the ICO price of € 0.1 by respecting the pre-sale price.

(*) only valid for all investments with BTC, ETH, FIAT transfer on LCG accounts as of February 22nd, 2020

Rolf Jahn

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